Hi, I am Linds! Lovely to meet you. 
After my first dog that I had as a child (let me tell you he was a super easy to handle retriever from that we rescued) I didn't think of all the challenges dogs could bring with them. When I moved to Australia my partner and I adopted our first dog - a Kelpie x Terrier of 2 years and oh boy were we in for a ride!
Our little Miss Tigger was fearful of people and fearful of us me we first got her. She didn't cope being around other dogs and was peeing in the house. All things I didn't even think of before adopting her. With her my journey started and I looked into options on how to make her life and ours easier. I got more and more interested in dog behaviour besides just teaching them how to walk nicely on a lead and doing cute tricks. 
When we rescued our Heeler boy Haggie as a puppy, he came with baggage himself. He had a rough start into his life but was the sweetest shy little thing that you could imagine. Fear not he is far from being shy with us these days. ;)
Life was good until he hit adolescence & he became more and more fearful of the world. He was terrified of strangers and went from being social with dogs to being scared of them. He couldn't cope with noises and felt insecure as soon as we would leave the house. Did I willingly signed up for this? No but here we are and so I now even more deepened my knowledge in dog behaviour. 
When I stumbled across IMDT Australia during my research, I knew I wanted to visit some of their awesome informative courses. Little did I know I would end up becoming a trainer myself when it all first started.
Now I am more than ever passionate about helping dogs that struggle in our human world & helping their owners learn and build a relationship with their dog. I offer R+ walk and train sessions for reactive and non-reactive dogs where I work with them on any behaviours that you struggle with.
IMDT Australia qualified Dog Trainer
These are the courses that I have completed:


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