Lulu's Kitchen - Fork The Pork Pork Lung 100% Australian

Lulu's Kitchen - Fork The Pork Pork Lung 100% Australian

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Lulu's Kitchen brings together the best in high quality, premium Australian made dog treats that are healthy and good for your best pup! 
Single protein & zero nasties is what we love about these treats as we don't want to give our puppers anything with unnecessary fillers.

Fork The Pork is air-dried Pork Lung! Light, tasty and nutritious these are an excellent light snack or training treat for your dog! They're lower in fat than most other Pork options.


100% Pork, No Additives or Preservatives
100g net weight pet food only

✔️ Resealable bag for freshness
✔️ Vet approved
✔️ 100% Australian Product

⭐ - Breanna C.

Better than sliced bread!

My pup absolutely LOVES this. He will do anything to get it! I can easily cut/tear it into smaller pieces for training or give him a whole square to chew on when I'm crate training him. It does have a strong pork aroma but that doesn't concern me at all as it easily washes off your hands. Now on my second order, fantastic stuff!