Hi Vis Vest for dogs & their humans

Dog In Training Vests

Hi-vis vests for reactive dogs or dogs in training serve as an essential tool in ensuring the safety and well-being of our dog and us.

These specially designed high visibility vests for dogs in training come in bright yellow and featuring a reflective material. They help to make you or your dog more visible to others, whether you're on a busy city street or a peaceful park. For reactive dogs working on their behaviour or dogs undergoing any form of training, the hi-vis vest acts as a clear signal to people and other dog owners, indicating that your dog may need some space or is in the process of learning to interact more calmly. As a qualified dog trainer, I can confirm that the added visibility not only provides a layer of protection for your dog but also fosters a more understanding and considerate environment for all canine companions and their owners and it has helped us many times in creating personal space for our own dogs and client dogs.