Let Your Dog Sniff Collection

Making Sniff Happen!

Dogs explore their world through the olfactory system and letting them sniff on walks is essential for their wellbeing. Our "let your dog sniff" t-shirts & hoodies feature various dog breeds. If the breed you are after is not on there, feel free to make a request!

Allowing your dog to savor the experience of sniffing during walks is not only a simple joy but also a vital aspect of their well-being. When you "let them sniff" during walks, you're letting your pup engage with the world in a way that's natural and fulfilling for them. It's their way of gathering information, connecting with their environment, and experiencing the world through scent. By encouraging this behaviour, you not only provide mental stimulation but also strengthen your bond. 

Spread the word, so more people will let their dog sniff!

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