4 ways to improve your relationship with your dog

1. Advocate for your dog

Making sure that your dog feels safe (and is safe) at all times is an important aspect of your relationship. If your dog has to put up with situations that makes them uncomfortable, your dog will learn that you aren't there to help them out. Instead be their advocate and watch for subtle signs in their body language to make sure you react fast and you keep them safe from anything that might be invoke fear. Be empathetic, comforting and find strategies to get your dog out of situations that aren't comfortable.

2. Slow it down

Sometimes less is more and we get so hung up in training and goals that we forget to have fun without any pressure. Connecting with your dog through calm cuddles and touch, slow sniffy walks without any triggers or pressure, training at home that's fun and rewarding for both of you and really just being together. Find out what your dog enjoys doing the most and focus on these activities.

3. Management

This one goes hand in hand with advocating for your dog. Having management in place will make your dog feel safe and will keep them out of situations that they can't (yet) handle. Through management we set them up for success and won't ask for things that are too hard.

4. Enrichment & meeting their needs

All dogs love enrichment activities. Different breeds might enjoy different things and it also comes down to the individual. Find out which toys and activities your dog loves to do and prefers out of the ones you have tried and offered. You can then use their hobbies to make them feel fulfilled and happy.

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We hope you found this helpful. Let us know in the comments how you spend time with your dog!